Shareable addresses with Zeocode

1000387_451379418291478_519546653_nOne of the most commonly used phrases when welcoming someone to your house or office is “I hope it wasn’t hard to find.” Finding the right address in a country like India  is an arduous task. The concept of numbered and systematic lanes and roads is an alien concept and street names would give you no idea where you are. To compound that, the growth of urban areas in India has been largely unplanned and haphazard, leading to confusing and lengthy addresses which may leave you going around in circles.

Zeocode aims to change all that, by encoding your address in a number. You can mark your address on a map, and you will receive a 9 digit number of your address that is very easy to share. The service can have very handy uses, especially when it comes to location-based services such as cabs and ordering food. Zeocodes would also make it easy for small businesses and startups grow by pointing their customers in the right direction.


The site is currently in beta and a few people have already created their own Zeocodes. If you are a business, you can request a free 90 day trial of their services. All in all, it is a step in the right direction at the right time, especially in developing countries where technology has just started to permeate into the masses.


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