New OpenStreetMap editor by MapBox heats up the mapping sphere

May of 2013 was an exciting time if you are into maps. While Google overhauled Google Maps, OpenStreetMap has unveiled the iD editor by MapBox as it’s new, official map editor.

The welcome screen of iD editor
The welcome screen of iD editor

The iD editor by MapBox is a browser-based OpenStreetMap editor built with HTML5 and JavaScript, meaning that you don’t need to install anything and it works just as well on your mobile as it does on your computer! iD is open source, meaning that if you’re a developer and want to add a new feature to the editor, you can!

iD is designed to be easy to use and comes with a walkthrough, which gives step-by-step guidance to help you start putting features on the map and help is always available should you be stuck somewhere.

Only time will tell whether the new editor propels OpenStreetMap as the world’s best provider of crowd-sourced maps. In the meanwhile, here are some links to get you interested:


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