When Skybox Meets MapBox


SkyBox is an imaging and analytics company on the verge of launching their own satellite, SkySat-I into orbit some time in the future. MapBox is our favourite OpenStreetMap contributor and the provider of beautiful maps. News is that both of these interesting companies are coming together to create a platform where you could publish high-resolution satellite imagery from SkyBox with the publishing and annotation features of MapBox.

A few weeks ago, MapBox announced that they are working on a technique to make satellite imagery cloudless by processing these images at pixel level. The implication of these two pieces of information could be that we will soon have a publishing platform of clear, high-resolution satellite imagery that you can annotate, process and publish according your needs.

MapBox has published two possible applications that this team-up can bring and are worth checking out:

Real-Time Change Detection

Application: http://mapbox.com/labs/skybox/flyover/#16.00/33.7324/-118.2566

Asset Tracking

Application: http://mapbox.com/labs/skybox/flyover


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