Hook.js: Hooking Up Your Web Pages


Hook.js is a small JavaScript library that brings the oh-so-popular pull to refresh feature of touch screen devices to the web. A nifty feature that is so obvious, that it’s a surprise nobody thought about it until now.

Hook.js is created by Jordan Singer and Brandon Jacoby, a pair of web developers/designers based in CA, USA.

Now here’s the thing. I love the whole concept of it all, but this is one feature that should be used wisely. Nothing would match the terror and frustration of accidentally refreshing a long and tedious form page and losing all of the information you filled in it.

Most people who use the computer already use the keyboard shortcut to refresh a page or the refresh symbol. It’s become a convention and as far as most are concerned, it is not really hard to do that. The reason pull-to-refresh was implemented on touch screen devices is that it was the easiest and most convenient way of refreshing a page, especially for apps that got fresh content from the internet, such as Twitter.

Needless to say, the same does not apply for a computer. I’d rather press F5 on my laptop to refresh the page and get new content instead of scrolling all the way to the top and a bit more. That said, I do think that it is a nifty little feature that could be used to add a little magic to a normal web page and that is never a bad thing.


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