The Google Mapathon 2013

Google is hosting the Mapathon 2013 in India from the 12th of February 2013 to the 25th of March 2013. Anyone can participate in the Mapathon as long as they are registered members of Google. Users are expected to add new places – buildings, roads, landmarks, features, areas to Google Maps that do not exist as of now. Users can also edit existing features on Google Maps to correct incorrect or incomplete entries. Google is offering prizes to the top editors, with which they expect to lure users to add content to the map.

If this tournament is a success, Google will quite have pulled the rabbit out of its hat. Google Maps are infamous for being incorrect, incomplete and in other parts, totally wrong! All of this contributes to Google being a very untrustworthy data source. This particular situation might never be resolved, but it can definitely be improved if all the right kind of edits are performed. There is no guarantee that the tournament will make Google Maps a better resource, but it does guarantee that at the end of  March this year, Google will have a lot more data than it does now. The only question that remains is: How good will this data be? Only time will reveal the truth.

If you are from India, do visit the Google Mapathon 2013 website and register to be a part of this ambitious exercise.


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